lift. more. weights.

Group Sessions

Small Group (8-12), 60 minute sessions emphasizing weight lifting (to boost metabolism, build functional strength, create YOUR ideal aesthetic) in a super-set fashion to burn on average 500-1000kcals at the same time! We emphasize a transformation of your body rather than just a reduced number on the scale. Price starting at only $10 per 60 min session!



One-On-One Training

Smaller group sizes mean greater attention to detail. 1:1 and semi private training also available for those who prefer to not workout in a group or have specific goals they would like to work on with a coach. Specialized programs also run throughout the year.


From creating healthy eating habits, to establishing necessary macros and providing meal plans. All your resources stored in your own custom app. Nutrition plays a primary role in any fitness goal and we have you covered!



AXION Fitness Club is the premier Group Training facility aimed at unleashing the body's full potential in everyone. 

We believe that every individual has the ability to transform their body, while training in a high energy, fun environment.



Our mission

Our mission is to educate the mainstream that strength training is not intimidating, but also crucial in making drastic changes to your body and life long well being. Also to change the misconception that women who lift weights will get "buff"!

Why we started

There is a gap in the group exercise space that needed to be filled. Endless studios advertise weight loss, cardio and light strength training. But what about those who want something more? Those who want to really transform their body rather than just see the number on the scale go down. That's where we come in. 

Do you feel intimidated to start?

We get that it can be intimidating starting a new fitness journey. Sometimes the hardest part is not knowing where to start, feeling lost in a big gym and feeling self-conscious about your body can be discouraging. You'll learn the basic lifts with a barbell (Squat, Dead Lift, Bench etc.) and the fundamentals of a strength program to allow you to venture out on your own some day, if you choose to do so. 

What are the programs like?

Each week cycles through an emphasis on strength, metabolic conditioning, and hypertrophy to avoid plateaus while maximizing gains. A typical session will be utilizing weights in a upper/lower super-set fashion, alternating daily between a push and pull to allow necessary recovery between workout days. Varied workouts utilizing steady state aerobics, HIIT components, explosive lifting and hypertrophy focused muscle building workouts, keep things fresh and the results coming.

Will I see results?

YES! We are here to hold you accountable. We focus on an aesthetically pleasing full body transformation which will add lean muscle in hard to develop areas for both men and women. In return your metabolism will sky rocket shedding off lbs at rest. Rather than chasing a calorie burn, our program is designed to shape your body in a strategic way to not overload your muscles or joints, while building lean muscle. 


AXION | Fitness Club

"Raising The Bar In Group Fitness"


next level programming

With exercises changing daily, each session also alternates emphasis on building strength, muscle, aerobic capacity, achieving EPOC (The Afterburn) and uses preventative care or "Prehab" movements during our warm up and cool down periods. A complete 60 minute workout you wont find anywhere else.

Truly unlimited

Programs are in a split format (allowing back to back training days), this allows adequate rest between muscle groups greatly reducing the risk of overtraining and increasing total weekly caloric expenditure. Performing the same muscle group back to back as seen in other well known studios can actually hinder progress and increase injury risk with overtraining, only safely allowing 3 sessions a week performed EOD.

focus on technique

Smaller class sizes allow greater attention to detail, greatly reducing injury risk and improving results. Max capacity per group is 12-16. Compared to 30+ from other well known studios. This is where we can really bring value back to group training!

More bang for your buck

Custom App With Access to: Custom Daily Macros, Custom Weekly Meal Plans, *Custom Individualized Workout Program And Open Gym Access (With 1:1 Personal Training Add-On) *


Your success is our top priority. We hold all of our members accountable in reaching their goals by setting and reviewing quarterly goals as well as weekly check-ins via the app, to track progress for optimal results.


"I love how welcoming they were and comfortable they made me feel throughout the whole process"

Stacey M.

"I was really self conscious about my body, but now I feel a new found confidence"

Natalie C.

"The most complete workout routine I have ever experienced"

Mike H.

"Ive dropped 25lbs of body fat so far and have built muscle at the same time!"

Darryl J.

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Contact Information

  Phone Number: (602) 880-3866


  Physical Address: Squaw Peak Plaza

      6825 N 16th St. Unit A9 

Phoenix AZ 85016