About Us


If your goal is weight loss and weight loss alone just about any program will work that you stick with, along with a sound diet. If you're looking to transform your body ie. (Build a butt you are proud to show off in a bikini, confidence in taking your shirt off at the pool with newly defined chest and shoulder muscles) while dropping body fat safely/effectively, then it takes a little more than putting some weights in your hands and getting your heart rate up.

Our 60 min Group Sessions emphasize a different workout intensity daily, providing a balanced workout program most ideal for complete body toning. We provide a transformation of your body rather than just a reduced number on the scale.


Why is our program the ideal way to transform your body?

Mon (Push) and Thurs (Pull)

Focus: Strength (The Base)

The Why: Build foundational strength that will translate into continued progress (breaking through plateaus) and making everyday tasks easier.


Tues (Pull) and Fri( Push)

Focus: Hypertrophy (The Build)

The Why: Build muscle in aesthetically pleasing body parts (glutes, thighs, shoulders etc.) Builds up your resting metabolism (1lb of muscle burns more than double the calories of a lb of fat at rest)


Wed (Push) and Sat (Pull)

Focus: Metabolic Conditioning (The Burn)

The Why: Consume maximum calories while creating an oxygen deficit that forces your body to burn calories at an accelerated rate for hours afterwards.


The Workout

(4) Stations of 4 (max capacity of 16 per session)

  • 10 min Warmup
  • (4) 10 Min Stations – Alternating Between 2-3 Exercises – Various Rep Ranges/Intensities (Depending On Day)
  • 5 Min Cool Down and Stretching


Sustainable results, with your long-term health and well being in mind.